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As a service provider to the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles, we direct your vehicle licensing, registration or title transaction by preparing and organizing the necessary documents for submittal and processing your transaction so you don’t have to step foot in the DMV.

Services Offered

At DMV SERVICE CENTERS ASAP we provide a wide variety of services on plates, registration and title. Our clients like our convenient service as well as our commitment. Avoid long lines at the DMV and let us provide you with a quality service in no time!. We provide all Motor Vehicle service, with a direct link to DMV, in a fraction of the time.
• We can get your vehicle registered.
• We can replace lost/stolen titles, tags, and plates.
• We can renew your registration.
• We can order your custom/name license plates.
• We can register your commercial vehicle or fleet vehicles.
• We can assist you with all notary needs.
• Methods of Payment: Cash, or Credit Card Don’t wait in line. DMV Service Centers will go to the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles for you. We provide same day and next day delivery of vehicle registration, auto tags, license plates, and temporary permits.
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For most types of registrations the fees depend on the vehicle weight and where you live. When you register a vehicle for the first time, the total fees normally include:
• the sales tax
• a vehicle plate fee or registration transfer fee
• a title certificate fee
• (in most counties) a vehicle use tax
• either a 1 or 2 year registration fee, depending on the type of registration

What methods of payment can I use?

You can use
• most credit cards
• New Licenses Plates
• New Registration or Title Only
• Registration Renewal
• Transfer of Ownership
• Duplication of Titles & Documents

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